80W All In One Solar LED Street Light

OVERVIEW The design of the all in one solar street light comes from the inspiration and power of the universe, combined the best energy saving parts---solar panel, led lamp and special battery. With the help of the controller and PIR sensor, it realizes the functions of high brightness with low...

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  • 80W all in one solar LED street light is a rectanfle board with a build-in  solar panel which can provide efficient lighting for highways, main roads, avenues, main urban streets, and other applications that need high intensity of lighting at night.

  • Comparing with traditional separate solar street light, it is more convenient to be transported and much easier for installation.Besides, the installed PIR sensor can change the working mode automatically, making the product intelligent and more energy-saving.

  • All die-casting aluminum light body zinc plated anti-rust corrosion.

  • Light weight but strong,it can keep working as long as seven days with full power.

  • Easy installation,reliable operation, popular among the markets.

  • Perfect modular structure design, no cabling and easily replace the battery and other parts.

  • Can be installed anywhere, especially areas where grid tied electricity is not available.

  • It still can keep noraml work in high and cold temperature,not influenced by the weather.

  • AS for it mounting height, it ranges 9 meters to 12meters.






Solar Panel

Imported mono solar cell 18V 100W

LED Brand

Bridegelux 12V 70W

Luminous Flux



Lithium Battery 60AH

Mounting Height


Discharge Time

5-7 rainy days

Working Temperature




Charge Time

7 Hours

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