30w Integrated Solar Street Light

30w Integrated Solar Street Light

Overview All in one solar street light is an integration of solar panel, LED light, Lithium battery, controller, constant current drives and lighting housing. Combined the technologies of photoelectric effect, constant current control, micro controller, infrared motion sensor, smart cellphone...

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1.Widely used in the rural areas, towns and other fringe areas such as road, city square, parking lot, school playground, workers green, park lighting,    golf course, bathing beach, luxury villa district lighting, highway warning signs ;

2.Using dual-chip wafer 3030 light source, compared with similar products, light efficiency increased by 8%, the transmittance of up to 98%.

3.Integrated design, 3030 lamp beads as a light source, the new high-capacity lithium batteries, solar batteries and automatic controller integration.

4.Easy installation and maintenance, no need to install the cable, no need to be equipped with special light pole, functional components modular design, installation, maintenance, easy to replace.

5.Using solar power generation system, pure green energy, inexhaustible, environmental protection, the best energy.

6.Using high-capacity lithium-ion battery, high energy, long life, light weight, green, does not produce any harmful substances.

7.Using LED lighting source, no diffuse reflection effect, with high light efficiency, coupled with a unique secondary optical design, can be irradiated to a wider area, once again improve the efficiency of light has reached the purpose of energy conservation. And LED light source has a long life, high luminous efficiency, light color uniformity, etc., is also the best blue environmental protection products.

8.Shell with aluminum material, with light weight, corrosion resistance, wear and other characteristics, to ensure that products to adapt to wet, hydrochloric acid environment.

9.The control system is made of industrial grade components, adapts to all kinds of harsh environments, and ensures that the lights are bright every day.

Product Features

· ALS2.0 HI-technology to support 7-10 cloudy or raining days' lighting

· Smart remote control function as below:

1) Brightness adjust from 10%-100% for different application.

2) Timer Setup from 1H-8H to meet different season.

3) PIR motion sensor lighting mode for energy saving.

· TCS(Temperature Control System) to Protect the battery charging and discharging in high temperate .

· Seoul Led chip, 160lumen/W ,140°wide lighting angle.

· Integrated design with patent,cableless ,easy to install.

· Aluminum alloy case,Waterproof IP65.

· Turn on at dusk and tun off at dawn automatically.


1.Garden, Residence, Courtyard

2.Main roads and avenue

3.Mining area and parking lot

4.Areas with no electrical supply

Product benefits:

American Bridgelux 45Mil LED Source

Integrated solar street lights, with American Bridgelux LED source, provide excellent luminous efficiency up to 120LM/W, and keep permanent stability as well as comfortable visual experience. Each Bridgelux LED has anti-static protection element, so as to avoid harm from static electricity maximally.

Infrared body sensor:

With infrared body induction controlled technology, it can store energy during the daylight, and modulate the lamp's brightness when people pass through at night During the night, the sensor will work automatically controlled by intelligent induction module. It will be on 100% full bright mode when people pass through and on energy-saving mode when people leave away. (Lighting mode can be adjusted according to client's demands)

All in one design:

Solar panel turn sunlight into electricity,The controller save electricity in lithium battery through the charging and discharging.

5.jpgSolar panel
6(001).jpgLithium Battery


LED Max power


Solar panel

16V 45W monocrystalline silicon

Solar panel Life time

25 years

Battery Type

Lithium battery(Life time 5 years) 12V 22AH

LED Flux


Charge time(by sun)

6 hours (with enough strong shine)

Discharge time

12 hours(full power), more than 24 hours (half power)

Lamps main material

Aluminium alloy


1147x300x135 mm

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