30W Economic All In One Solar LED Street Light

OVERVIEW All in one solar street light is an integration of solar panel, LED light, Lithium battery, controller, constant current drives and lighting housing. Combined the technologies of photoelectric effect, constant current control, micro controller, infrared motion sensor, smart cellphone...

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  • All in one solar street light is an integration of hi-technologies which is able  to illuminate the environment with radiant light.

  • Assembly with quick brakes and does not require a certification eclectrician while  the installation process should take a very short time.

  • Inside the light,there is a controller which  will control the solar panel to charge the battery in the daytime,also it will get command of  the led lamp to make the night bright.

  • Convenient to move and transport,economic,durable.

  • It gains power from the sun whose eneregy is recyclable and environmentally friendly,doing no harm to the nature.

  • It can  save power when no one is in range or utilizing the light, meaning a much longer run time than you would expect from a similar size solar lighting.

  • The motion sensor is the practical way to enjoy brighter than normal light when extra lighting is needed.

  • Compact constructure, good quality.

  • Trendy,elegant and pretty.


1.Garden, Residence, Courtyard

2.Main roads and avenue

3.Mining area and parking lot

4.Areas with no electrical supply






Solar Panel

Imported mono solar cell 18V 65W

LED Brand

Bridegelux 12V 30W

Luminous Flux



Lithium Battery 26AH

Mounting Height


Discharge Time

3-4 rainy days

Working Temperature




Charge Time

7 Hours


3 Years

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