18W Economic All In One Solar LED Street Light

OVERVIEW All-In-ONE LED solar street light is a new generation solar street lighting which integrate all parts into one fixture to provide easy, flexible and convenient installation and application. FEATURES 1.Elegant Integrated Design, Aluminum alloy case 2.Superb right LEDs, 4000Lumens 3.Every...

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It is an energy efficient outdoor lighting source that is used to illuminate roads, boudaries and highways. 

They are used to provide guidance to the drivers, cyclists and pedestrians after sunset.

Easy, flexible and convenient installation and application.

Elegant integrated design,fashionable and pretty.

Alumium alloy base with strong strength to support the stable operation of the light.

The light will adjust the light level by itself according to the season and it will automatically turn on or off the light as the situation whether people pass by or not.

Intellignt design, it helps to save energy and money, which is very popular in modern city construction and management.

It makes full use of the solar energy,which is green and renewable,increasing the solar energy utilization and slowing down the process of environment pollution.

It can be mounted on a wall or mounted on a lamp post according to the environment.

Simple but firm structure,practical.






Solar Panel

Imported mono solar cell 18V 30W

LED Brand

Bridegelux 12V 18W

Luminous Flux



Lithium Battery 13AH

Mounting Height


Discharge Time

3-4 rainy days

Working Temperature




Charge Time

7 Hours


3 Years

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