120W Solar Powered Road Lights

120W Solar Powered Road Lights

OVERVIEW LED solar street light system is an intelligent, on or off-grid lighting system using green solar energy. The system consists of LED street lamp, solar panel, battery , and the system controller. System configurations can be customized according to actual applications. ADVANTAGE 1.Cost...

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120W Solar Powered Road Lights


1. It costs over ten million "nice" words with excitement, and less capital;

2. Everyone can easily install this device except someone lose their hands;

3. Your breakfast makes more serious pollution than our product;

4. We are curious about this bulb, so if you find some flaws, tell us and we will provide free service;

5. LED lighting, of course. It is chilling if you touch it after feeling traditional lamp.

6. Controlled by intelligent system, but don't ask it for math questions, or it will crash.


1. Made of excellent lead material, over 99% purity;

2. Includes nano-class gel electrolyte;

3. Deep cycle capacity and need hardly maintenance;

4. You perform better at self-discharge, or do the same level; 

5. ...And it will protect itself when self-discharge happens, you will not;

6. Its electrolyte leakaging speed is slower than a empty bottle 

7. Whether under high or low temperature surrounding, it works as well.

Solar Panel

1. Poly/mono-crystalline cell panels is available;

2. With the help of A grade cells, it performs excellent;

3. High light transmission, and low iron contents;

4. Tempered glass makes it hardly to be burn-in;

5. Strong structure and outstanding crashproof;

6. High compact resistant aluminum alloy frame.

System Controller

1. There is high efficiency LED driver within, and you won't find that;

2. Wireless remote controller, you can watch TV while operating;

3. Multiple protection abilities, it can almost save people in fire;

4. IP68 waterproof, it can help people out river, maybe.






Solar Panel

Imported mono solar cell 18V 150W

LED Brand

Bridegelux * 120PCS

Luminous Flux



Lithium Battery 78AH

Mounting Height


Discharge Time

5-7 rainy days

Working Temperature




Charge Time

7 Hours


3 Years

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